Thousand Oaks Apartment Solar Power

Thousand Oaks, CA
75kW Apartment Solar Carport System
Savings per month – $1,500


The owners of this apartment complex decided to put in new carports and install solar at the same time, qualifying for the 30% federal tax credit and depreciation on the carports, new paving, and new upgraded electrical services, in additlion to the solar electrical system.  Rebates and tax incentives paid for 85% of the project, and the owners will shave $18,000 off their electric bills the first year.  The system will save them over $4 million over the next 25 years.  Go Green Solar Solutions has extensive experience in multi-tenant solar installations, both rooftop and carport.  Call us today for more information on solar’s incredible advantages for apartment owners.

Ventura County Commercial Solar Power

Ventura, CA
15kW – Flat Glulam Cool Roof
Savings per month – $750


After the state power crisis put a major dent in his profits, ABC AutoCare owner Lee Lizarraga installed his commercial GGSS solar power system. To his pleasant surprise, he watched his entire electric bill plummet by 90%. Every electric device at this one-story repair shop in Ventura, California, is powered by the roof-mounted solar power system. Rebates, tax incentives, and a low-interest loan made solar power a smart move for this savvy business owner. Lizarraga said, “All our electrical needs are met without using one single watt from the electric grid. We are daily generating more electricity than we are using.” Would you like this to be your story? Give the solar power experts at Go Green Solar Solutions a call today.

Westlake Village Commercial Solar Power

Westlake Village, CA
19kW – Roof Mounted Commercial Solar Power System with Battery Back-up
Savings per month – $1,000


Everyone is going green these days and doing their part to save the planet.  At Go Green Solar Solutions, we make it a priority to practice what we preach. We were green long before green was cool, and now our facilities, our homes and our cars all have cost-effective, planet-saving solar energy systems. No other solar company can say that. This particular solar power system sits on our Westlake Village, CA office roof, and the battery backup system provides power to servers during the occasional power outages. It’s a great feeling to know we’re helping the environment, saving money and securing ourselves against technical difficulties in the future. Experience the confidence that only Go Green Solar Solutions can give you. Give us a call today!

Portable Solar Power System

This compact mobile solar power generating system can power a small town or be airlifted to provide quiet power for movie productions in remote areas.  Designed to withstand 140 miles per hour winds and built to standard shipping container tolerances, it’s perfect for mobile communications, emergency preparedness, military applications and public safety.  The system was installed on wheeled containers and consists of four 40-foot long cargo containers with 512 75-watt solar modules, 66kW dc-to-ac inverters, 500kW of battery storage and two 100kW diesel generators.  24-hours notice is all that is required to deploy the Portable Solar Power System.  The entire project, from custom design to installation, took Go Green Solar Solutions only 90 days to complete.

LA’s First Solar Powered Gas Station

Calabasas, CA
36kW Commercial Solar Power
Savings per month – $1,800


Right off the 101 freeway in the scenic corridor zone of Malibu Canyon stands the first solar powered gas station in Los Angeles County.  Installed by Go Green Solar Solutions, this project required multiple rebates and detailed coordination because of its uniquely restrictive scenic corridor surroundings.  Despite all obstacles, Go Green Solar Solutions was able to complete the project due to our 30 years of experience in complex solar electrical power construction issues.

Ventura County Commercial Solar Power

Newbury Park, CA
29kW – New Tilt-up Glulam Building Cool Roof
Savings per month – $1,450


This 29kW solar power system was installed on a new tilt-up, Glulam 20,000 sq ft building. California law states that if you work on a commercial roof, you must now apply a cool roof coating that can reduce the roof temperature by 30 degrees. With the cool roof applied and the solar panels shading most of the roof, the AC bill was cut in half, while the electric bill was eliminated by the solar power system. The owner was pleasantly surprised, but that’s just the power of solar from Go Green Solar Solutions.

Santa Monica Commercial Solar Power

Santa Monica, CA
14.3kW – Residence and Business
Savings per month – $715


This solar electrical system powers both a residence and a business. Homeowners with home-based businesses can take advantage of many additional tax incentives when they switch to solar power systems, bringing the return on investment down to five years or less. If you operate a home-based business, call Go Green Solar Solutions and find out why going solar is one of the smartest business moves you can make today.

Santa Barbara Commercial Solar Power

Santa Barbara Harley Davidson
37.5kW – Roof Mounted Commercial Solar Power
Savings per month – $1,875


This 37.5kW solar power system is only the first phase of a project that Harley Davidson shop owners Marty Cherrie and Jed Renshaw hope will shrink their Southern California Edison bill down to zero. Over 3,380 square feet of roof-mounted solar electrical system panels on the south side of their building powers every electrical device within, including halogen lights and air-conditioning. “The solar panels provide enough electricity to actually spin the electric meters backwards when usage is low,” said Marty Cherrie. “With rebates and tax incentives paying for about 80% of the project, solar just makes economic sense. I highly recommend it.”

Venice Commercial Solar Power

Venice, CA
20kW Retail/Residential Solar Power
Savings per month – $1,000


This roof-mounted GGSS solar electrical system in Venice powers retail stores on the bottom floor of this building, in addition to the residential units above. The owner saves money on his electric bill, but the advantages of installing a commercial solar power system help him save big money on taxes, too. Business owners enjoy tax incentives that can allow a system to pay for itself in as few as three years. Call Go Green Solar Solutions today to find out more about the incredible tax savings you’re eligible for once you make the jump to solar.

Los Angeles Solar Carport

Culver City, CA
20kW – Solar Carport
Savings per month – $1,000


This solar carport was added to the historic Helms Bakery property after the owner was so pleased with his roof-mounted solar electrical system that he wanted to add even more. Not only does the solar powered carport from Go Green Solar Solutions provide shade for the cars, but it also contains four electric vehicle charging stations to encourage motorists to think green. Solar carports and shadeports allow commercial owners to turn large parking lots into their own power plants, and there are numerous commercial rebates and incentives to go solar. With our help, the return on investment can be as little as 3 years.