In-Deck Solar Pool Heating

In-deck solar pool heating was perfect for this homeowner.  They had a large area of concrete decking around their pool.  Tubes were placed under the concrete, and now water is circulated through the tubing, heating it up, then that heated water is used to heat the pool.  The water that is circulated through the tubing also cools down the concrete decking.

Palmdale Solar Power System

Palmdale, CA
5kW – Electric Bill Reduction System
Savings per month – $250

This Palmdale homeowner wanted to reduce his electric bill, especially during the hot summer months. The 5kW roof mounted system ended up cutting his electric bill in half, resulting in huge savings for this very happy customer. The GGSS solar electrical system also shades and cools his roof, saving an additional 10 – 15% on his former air conditioning load. A custom-built energy-saving solution from Go Green Solar Solutions is just the thing you need to keep cool, go green, and save money.

Simi Valley Solar Patio Power System

Simi Valley, CA
6kW – Patio Cover System
Savings per month – $300


This Simi Valley home is proof that solar power systems from GGSS aren’t limited to roof installations. We specialize in ground-mounted solar panels, patio cover solar panels and solar carports too!  These homeowners got some much-needed shade for their backyard and a lower electric bill by installing a solar patio cover system.  Even if you don’t have a lot of room, we can find a way to perfectly fit your solar needs.

Lake Shasta Solar Power System

Lake Shasta, CA
10kW – Integrated with Batteries and Backup Power
Savings per month: $500


The owner of this log cabin situated on a 5-acre lake wanted back-up power available should the utility power be interrupted. A 10kW grid-tied solar electrical system was installed with batteries capable of storing the power generated by the solar panels. In the event of a power outage, the cabin is covered until normal electricity service is restored. This seamless, attractive solar system look is the result of carefully integrating state-of-the-art solar panels with the pre-existing roof tile. Ask about our integrated solar solutions when you call!

Carpinteria Solar Power

Carpinteria, CA

6kW – Coastal Commission Solar Power

Savings per month – $300


The solar electrical system installed by GGSS on this beautiful house by the beach saves the owner $300 per month. The location posed some challenges because construction needed a coastal permit to proceed. Thankfully, Go Green Solar Solutions has 30 years of Coastal Commission construction expertise and is able to comply to even the most stringent regulations. Let Go Green Solar Solutions bypass the red tape and simplify the process of obtaining the necessary permits. The sooner you go solar with an GGSS solar energy system, the sooner you can start saving! Give us a call today to find the perfect money-saving solar solution for your coastal property.

Malibu Ground-Mount Bill Reduction Solar Power System

Malibu, CA
Savings per month – $625


This installation features a ground-mount system to accommodate our high-profile client’s need for both privacy and security. This type of solar power system is also perfect for use in sensitive areas like “open space” and Coastal Commission areas under the Solar Rights Act.  Go Green Solar Solutions has helped thousands of customers reduce or eliminate their electric bills with the efficient power of solar energy.  We work with manufacturers and use proven technology that fits each client’s requirements for the best-performing and longest-lasting solar electrical system available today.

Santa Barbara Solar Power System

Santa Barbara, CA
33kW Ground Mount on Steep Hillside
Savings per month – $1,650


This house was on a narrow winding road that made it impossible to transport the solar panels to the site by truck. Never short on innovative ideas, Go Green Solar Solutions used a helicopter to lift the equipment into place. GGSS has over 30 years of experience installing high-efficiency solar power systems, so we have no trouble handling design and installation challenges like this one. Customer Seymour Fletcher said, “Go Green Solar Solutions has a top-notch crew that did a high-quality job in difficult terrain. The system is working exactly as promised. I felt comfortable right from the start that everyone knew what they were doing.” Now, the 33kW ground-mount system saves Fletcher $1,650 per month, reducing his electric bill by 85% – 90%. Fletcher joked, “Now my wife can leave the lights on longer!”