Los Angeles County Solar Power System

Los Angeles, CA
42kW – 100 Unit Affordable Housing Solar Power System
Savings per month – $1,000


New federal, state, county and financial regulations mandate green building practices for affordable housing projects.  Millions of dollars are available on a first-come, first-served competitive bid basis for affordable housing retrofits and energy-efficient remodels. In addition, low-cost, green 7A and SBA 504 loans are available to help fund these energy-efficient projects. Go Green Solar Solutions offers a great way for affordable housing to go green by lowering electric costs for both tenants and renters in order to keep rents down. GGSS worked with the architects and builders to plan this Los Angeles county solar power system while the building was in its early conceptual phase. In the process, we were able to initiate several changes that saved the grateful owner thousands of construction dollars.

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