Residential Battery Backup

Battery Backup for Critical Electronics or Appliances

A typical solar power system only operates and provides power to your home when your utility power is working. During a power outage, you lose access to utility power, but you also can’t access the power your solar panels are generating.

Go Green Solar Solutions offers built-in battery backup systems that make it possible to use your home generated solar power around the clock, or in the event of a power outage. The systems store the electricity your solar power system generates during the day, and make it available to your home in the evening or when the power goes out. This fortifies your home against outages by providing a backup electricity supply. You can choose to power your entire home during an outage, or just selected appliances like a computer or refrigerator. (Or your TV during the big game!)

Battery backup systems are eligible for substantial rebates under the SGIP program (Self-Generation Incentive Program). Even if you already have a solar power system, you can collect a rebate for installing battery backup.

Call us today and talk to our battery backup experts to choose a system that’s right for your home, and learn the latest about rebates that you may qualify for.