Solar Electricity

Solar Panels for Your Home

In Southern California, utility electric rates consistently rise every year. Solar electricity from GGSS can help you save hundreds on your electric bill or sometimes even eliminate your electric bill altogether. These savings add up to thousands, and because a solar power system can last up to 30 years, you’ll save for decades to come. Solar panels for your home also can save you thousands on your tax bill, thanks to the 30% Residential Federal Tax Credit.

A solar power system can be installed on your roof, or as a ground mounted system on an unused portion of your backyard. Ground mounted systems can turn your backyard into a power plant, and can often be hidden from view. Another useful addition is power outage protection for your system. With battery backup, you can access the power your solar panels generate even when your power goes out, and protect your critical electronics or appliances.

If you’re tired of paying for the rising cost of electricity in California, it’s time to call Go Green Solar Solutions to find out how you can get cost-saving solar panels for your home today.

Your Best Investment Today

Financial planners agree that solar power is one of the best places to invest your hard-earned money. With gains that outperform the stock market and real estate and a full return on investment after only 5-7 years, a solar panel energy system from Go Green Solar Solutions is like a 7% tax-free CD! Let’s face it, electric rates in California are not going down anytime soon. The smart money is on solar energy for immediate savings now and even greater green energy savings in the future.

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