Solar Hot Water

Solar Water Heating Systems

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Heat the water in your home or business with the sun!  Solar hot water heating is your next step in going green.  Reduce your monthly energy bill and qualify for a rebate from the California Solar Initiative Thermal Program.  Rebates and tax incentives today mean your solar water heating system can be free. Yes, free. A solar water heating system reduces your water heating costs by 75-90%, is virtually maintenance-free, and lasts for decades.

Solar hot water systems work in the following way:  water is circulated through collectors on your roof, which capture the sun’s heat energy. That heated water is then transferred to a storage tank, where it offsets the energy usage of your water heater. Your water heater doesn’t have to work as hard, because the water is preheated by the sun. That means you use less natural gas or electricity for heating water, and you save money.

Often solar hot water is used in conjunction with radiant heatsolar pool heating, and even solar electricity. While the systems are separate, when they work together, energy savings can be maximized, and you can save on every utility bill in your home. We call this our Total Solar Solution,


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