The Total Solar Energy Solution

Use Solar Energy to Reduce or Eliminate Every Utility Bill in Your Home

In Southern California, utility rates consistently rise every year. The Total Solar Energy Solution is a combination of solar power energy systems that work together to eliminate utility bills.  A solar electrical system reduces or eliminates your electric bill, while solar pool heating can greatly reduce your gas bill.  A solar hot water system works with warm radiant heat to heat your home as well.  With more than 37 years of experience, Go Green Solar Solutions designs these solar energy systems to work seamlessly together to provide maximum energy efficiency. Many homes achieve zero energy home status, which means they produce as much renewable energy as they consumer over the course of a year. The homeowners enjoy a net zero energy bill, and a carbon-free home.

The Total Solar Energy Solution can also save you thousands on your tax bill, thanks to the 30% Federal Residential Tax Credit. Other green energy incentives and rebates can put additional money in your pocket.

If you’re tired of paying more and more each year for rising utility costs in California, it’s time to call Go Green Solar Solutions to find out how the Total Solar Solution can work for you.

Call us at  (805) 497-9808 to find out how easy solar energy can be when GGSS handles all the paperwork for you!