Last Year for Full 30% Solar Federal Tax Credit

The 30% Federal Tax Credit for solar installations has been a great incentive for people to add solar power to their homes or businesses. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. This is the last year that the full 30% tax credit will be available when you add solar to […]

Solar Industry: California Makes Historic Decision to Incorporate Solar On All New Homes

Source:  Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) Wednesday, May 09 2018 Press Release WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) welcomed California’s approval of a new policy that will require virtually all new homes in the state to incorporate solar panels starting in 2020. The California Energy Commission voted today to adopt the policy […]

HOA Adds Solar Pool Heating to Community Pool

The HOA wanted to resurface this community pool, and the members called Go Green Solar Solutions. They wanted to see what they could do to update the pool and save money on their gas bill. In-Deck Solar Pool Heating GGSS came up with a cost-effective plan: Install a 6,000 sq ft in-deck solar pool heating […]

The Army, Navy and Air Force Go Solar

(Go Green Solar Solutions is proud to have helped the military reach its renewable energy goals.  GGSS installed 2 solar carports at the Los Angeles Air Force Base that provide 360kW of power, and provide shade for over 200 cars. From the battlefield to stateside bases, the U.S. military has proven that solar is reliable. […]

Solar Pool Heating – Swimming in March with No Heating Bill

by Lauren Dansey We couldn’t be more pleased with our solar pool heating system.  We have been swimming since late March, and the pool has been 85 to 90 degrees without turning on the gas heater.  But there are some good reasons why we’ve been able to maintain that temperature. The solar pool heating system […]

Solar Heating for the Pool – Working Great

by Lauren Dansey The final installation for our two solar pool heating systems was completed last week, and we couldn’t be happier with the performance.  We installed two systems, a rooftop system (the dark panels below the solar electrical panels on our roof), and an in-deck solar heating system (underneath the concrete around the pool.) […]

Solar Heating for the Pool – Concrete is poured and pool is finished.

  by Lauren Dansey As the next step in our in-deck solar pool heating adventure, concrete was poured over the solar heating tubes.  When the concrete was poured, workers made sure that the tubes were approximately 2″ below the concrete surface.  This maximizes the heat that is transferred to the tubes, without the possibility of […]

Solar Heating for the Pool – Solar Tubing is Placed

By Lauren Dansey The installation of our in-deck solar heating system is progressing.  The forms for the concrete were put in place, and then solar tubing was coiled where the cement will be poured.  As you can see from the pictures, as much tubing was put into the cement forms as possible.  The tubing should […]

Solar Heating for the Pool – the Adventure Begins

By Lauren Dansey At our home in Westlake Village, we power our home with a dual solar electrical system.  A 9.2kW Kyocera system is on the roof, and we also have a 3.2kW patio cover system.  Because of these two systems, we don’t pay an electric bill, and when we recently decided to put in […]