Solar Heating for the Pool – Solar Tubing is Placed

By Lauren Dansey

The installation of our in-deck solar heating system is progressing.  The forms for the concrete were put in place, and then solar tubing was coiled where the cement will be poured.  As you can see from the pictures, as much tubing was put into the cement forms as possible.  The tubing should be about 2″ below the finished surface.  Darker deck surfaces work better for better heat absorption.

Deck coverage should be about 200 percent of the pool surface area, but we’re just putting in a small system to augment the Heliocol solar pool heating system that will go on the roof.

In-deck solar pool heating is appropriate for pool decks, tennis courts, driveways and sport courts.  It will also cool your deck or tennis court when the cool water is pumped through the tubing.

Call us for more information on in-deck solar pool heating, rooftop solar pool heating, solar electricity, radiant heating, and solar domestic hot water.  We can show you how to reduce your home’s utility bills, and extend your family’s swim season without paying more to heat your pool.

Next step … concrete is poured.