Ventura County Commercial Solar Power

Ventura, CA
15kW – Flat Glulam Cool Roof
Savings per month – $750


After the state power crisis put a major dent in his profits, ABC AutoCare owner Lee Lizarraga installed his commercial GGSS solar power system. To his pleasant surprise, he watched his entire electric bill plummet by 90%. Every electric device at this one-story repair shop in Ventura, California, is powered by the roof-mounted solar power system. Rebates, tax incentives, and a low-interest loan made solar power a smart move for this savvy business owner. Lizarraga said, “All our electrical needs are met without using one single watt from the electric grid. We are daily generating more electricity than we are using.” Would you like this to be your story? Give the solar power experts at Go Green Solar Solutions a call today.

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